I'm Meghan Vigeant, founder, oral historian, and chief editor at Stories To Tell. 

My story starts with a fire...

One night in 2008 lightning struck and started a fire that devoured the library and historical society's collection on Swan's Island, a small fishing community off the coast of Maine.

I moved to the island a year later as an Island Institute Fellow to help re-document their history. For two years I lived on the island gathering oral histories and photos, creating documentaries, writing a book, designing exhibits, training volunteers, and rebuilding their connection to the past. I grew to love the people who had shared their island, their way of life, and their stories with me. Many of the men and women I interviewed have passed away since my work on the island, but their stories live on in the audio documentaries and the book. I saw how powerful this work was for the personal lives and the families it touched. 

And so it grew...

After my two-year fellowship position on the island ended, people started asking me to put stories together for their milestones - class reunions, family gatherings, etc. I knew I could help individuals and families the way I had helped the island community and started  offering my services to families as well as organizations in 2013.

Fun fact!

I first named the business Legacy Preserves, but everyone thought I made jam, so in 2015 I changed the name to Stories To Tell. 


I love the process of telling a story, seeing people come alive as they revisit memories, and bearing witness to people's most meaningful stories. 


B.A. in Theater/Speech Communications from Siena Heights University 

Radio Documentary Program at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies 

Eleven years of producing audio narratives for private clients, organizations, and public radio.