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An audio memoir is a collection of your life stories told by you in your own voice. 

I'll guide you through the telling, create a broadcast-quality recording, and apply my editing mojo to provide your stories with clarity and narrative flow. 

I am so happy with it! It is her, so her! I love the laugh, the pauses, and sighs, and I think everyone will enjoy this for years to come!
— Trina Underhill




Open your mailbox and look, a package just for you. That’s right, real snail mail! Inside you’ll find your Audio Memoir Start Cards, a get-to-know-you kit with fun story prompts and questions. The kit will help you think about your stories in a new light, and it will help me learn about your story priorities. I’ll even include a Start Card of my own so you can get to know me too. So, grab your favorite beverage, jot down your story notes, and pop it back in the mailbox (I’ll even provide an envelope and stamp).

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You’ll tell your stories in the comfort of your own home. We’ll find a cozy and quiet spot in your home to get a good recording. No need to primp for the camera – we’re all beautiful on audio. Each visit lasts up to two hours.

Once I turn on the recorder, I’m here to I guide you through each of your chosen story topics, ready to follow when you discover a new story thread and here to keep you on track of what matters. I offer guideposts and gently teach you how to be a better storyteller. I know when to help you tackle heavy emotional stories, and how to balance that with thoughtful reflective questions. I know when to ask for more and when to just listen. I’m good at letting your unique personality and sense of humor shine through the recording. I make a lifetime of stories manageable.

Meghan in the editing studio.

Meghan in the editing studio.


Back in the studio, I start editing your recordings into a series of short audio stories – like chapters in a book – turning your memoir into a strong narrative, minus the rambling tangents, ums, and excessively long pauses. Through the magical power of audio editing and documentary storytelling savvy, I deliver only your audio gems so that listeners will keep listening. But I always strive to stay true to your story and your voice. This is your story in its truest essence.


You’ll have a chance to listen to your edited audio memoir and decide if you’d like to make changes.

Audio Memoir on USB in custom linen case. 

Audio Memoir on USB in custom linen case. 


You’ll have a beautiful collection of your life stories in your voice, with your laughter, your words of wisdom, and your life-shaping stories. You have choices: USB or archival CD in an heirloom case, or online download. No matter which form of technology you choose your audio stories will be windows into the past for future generations, linking generations, building understanding, and strengthening bonds.


Create connection - with the sound of your voice


Want to know if an audio memoir is right for you? I'd love to hear from you.

I listened again, and then again and again because the people and their stories are so engaging.
— Charlie Crane
I love this (the idea, the music, the friend). Clyde lives!
— Jack Walklet