Oral History Services


How can we document our most important stories before they are lost?

Does your organization have a wealth of untold stories just waiting to be documented? Do you suspect there might be some history keepers out there, people who have stories to tell about how your organization started? Are you managing a project that is making an impact and trying to figure out how to tell people about it?

Are you just waiting for someone with the skills, tools, and organizational-know-how to gather, document, record, and pull it all together into something meaningful – something beautiful, something you can show off to members and donors and the community?

Stories To Tell can help turn your hopes and ideas into a collection, book, documentary, exhibit, or podcast.

Meghan captured the heart and soul of Swan’s Island’s elders through their stories.
— Chris Wolf, Former Director of Programming, Island Institute
There is so much to what you do. It is like capturing the essence of humanity: language, experiences, connections, memories, time, feelings and sound.
— Ann Boover, Director of the Herring Gut Learning Center, Port Clyde, ME