Meghan is a terrific, funny, compassionate, and insightful storyteller. Seems the whole culture is rising to this idea that personal stories are indeed important. Could it be that people are beginning to understand that the history books are not the whole story? 

            -Nancy Galland, True History Project


It was a pleasure attending Meghan’s trainings. Recording oral histories is not a job; it is an art, which Meghan demonstrated beautifully. Her passion for capturing and sharing oral histories is contagious! 

- Rebecca Clark Uchenna, Marine Programs Associate, Island Institute


Your presentation was beautiful, informative, and inspiring. It was a true gift to all of us there. All the effort, passion, time, expertise, and intention you put into your talk was obvious and very much appreciated.

-       Suzanne Miller, Activities Director, Quarry Hill Retirement Community


Meghan captured the heart and soul of Swan’s Island’s elders through their stories.

–      Chris Wolf, Former Director of Programming, Island Institute


Oral history was my favorite room. I learned about the old days.

-Student at South School Elementary


So glad I attended your wonderful talk. You were informative, fun, entertaining and brought lots of smiles and laughter to the audience. Well done! You are a gifted speaker, historian and a natural at getting persons to share their memories. Thank you!

–      Diane Colman


We found the workshop very useful, well organized, and highly informative. Good mix of methods overview and storytelling. 

- Natalie Springuel, Maine Sea Grant/College of the Atlantic


There is so much to what you do. It is like capturing the essence of humanity: language, experiences, connections, memories, time, feelings and sound.

-Ann Boover, Director of the Herring Gut Learning Center, Port Clyde, ME


You have a gift for helping people tell their stories— it is priceless.

 –Wendy Ward